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Nick Andrews is a Biochemical Engineer, creator of several patent pending products, and the co-founder of the peptide and anti-aging company, Aseir Custom. He is also one of the world’s top peptide product formulators and is frequently sought out by people all over the world for private consultation.


Nick’s career began with positions in the pharmaceutical industry, which included process engineering, consulting, and direction of operations.  As a consultant, he often worked with entities outside his parent company to direct quality management, regulatory oversight, and general manufacturing processes.  Additionally, over the past 20 years, he also specialized in biopharma, the cornerstone of vaccine research and other biological pharmaceutical treatments.

Nick’s interest in peptides began in a very organic setting.  After a shoulder injury, he was told by doctors that he would have limited range of movement and would need a joint replacement.  Based on his deep knowledge of biochemistry, Nick understood that there had to be more options. It was from this springboard that Nick’s knowledge and foresight became unparalleled when it comes to therapeutic peptides and human biochemistry. 

His next step was getting involved in the world of men’s health and optimization.  There, he met his business partner and together they founded the luxury skincare brand Aseir Custom and created a cutting-edge educational course on peptides.  Today, Nick is sought out world-wide for his expertise, and works in a variety of fields where peptides can be implemented to create better health and vitality.

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